Personal Enlightenment
and Creative Expression 

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Personal Enlightenment and Creative Expression

An Expressive Art Program







As the number of studies increased, it became clear

that writing was a far more powerful tool for healing than anyone had ever imagined.

Dr. James Pennebaker, Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count Creator


Our Program = The WordPrint Project



Creative activity is known to increase serotonin levels which helps to fight off anxiety and depression. When psychiatric services and medicines are expensive or inconvenient, writing is a therapeutic tool that encourages emotional processing. 


Our program connects creative writing to emotional expression through our collection of BrainStorm Books. Each book correlates with a specific chapter of life including adolescence, anger, anxiety, depression, grief, substance abuse, recovery, relationships, and trauma. Each BrainStorm Book links to our online software, The WordPrint Project, where users can complete personal prompts in a password protected account. 


Our software utilizes the Receptiviti to produce individualized WordPrints. A WordPrint is like a fingerprint - composed of a writer's emotional language: Red is negative emotion word use, blue is positive emotion word use, and black words are pronouns which illustrate a person's intelligence and social awareness. Through word analysis, a writer's emotional health can be monitored allowing for earlier intervention and improvement. 

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